Film shower scene german. For obvious reasons, Hollywood showers are used as rewards.

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Sweet Sixteen opens with a gratuitous shower scene.

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There's the scene where we see Lelouch angry about things that happened to him while in the bathtub, and last but not least there's the scene where Suzaku finds Kallen showering in a waterfall after awakening on nude girl ps3 themes empty island.

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Though she may be justified because otherwise she is sticking in a very smelly-looking armoured spacesuit.

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Live Action TV.

Used as a form of sexposition in Other Halvesa rare case of passing The Bechdel Test in a shower scene.

Billy Joel 's video for "Allentown" features a scene with the steelworkers showering.

A Deleted Scene in RoboCop 2 has Robocop walking through a coed shower room, and stopping to look at a beautiful woman under a shower before abruptly walking away.

The three shows that were mashed together into Robotech had their fair share of these:

Used in the Stargate Universe episode "Darkness", when Chloe and Eli discover the only working showers on the ship.

Storm-chasing is no doubt dirty, gritty work with the high winds and all, but the scene itself is entirely gratuitous.