Penchinon. The fan translation of the series even refers to them as the "Magnificent 7 Machine World Primevals".

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However, there are a few slip-ups such as " Ultra Technorogy Laboratory " and " Projejectile-X " in the eyecatches.

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It lasts for about a minute before he snaps out of it.

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A looser variation, everyone whose names starts with a P except for Papillion is on the wrong team.

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Then, after the half-way nude black boobs all hell breaks loose and GGG have to try twice as hard as they were just to stay alive.

Pasder and the 4 Machine Kings hang out under here.

A mysterious cyborg swoops in to save them, then 2girlsteachsex members into the giant robot lion from eight years ago, turning it into a large robot man.

It's a classic-style super robot anime.

Galeon and Cain take care of that problem a few episodes later.

Guy may disqualify, since he's an Evoluder, and not a Cyborg any longer.

The Zonders in general can be thought of as a kind of zombie-robots.