Stories fiction role. In the first step, empathy T1 and the control variables were added to the equation, after which in two separate steps, the independent variables and the interaction term were added.

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Participants read the articles directly from the computer screen.

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Linear narrative Nonlinear narrative films television series Types of fiction with multiple endings.

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In line with the Immersed Experiencer Framework [20]fictional words and stories activate neural processes that reflect real-world events which are similar to the story.

Consequently, through this sensemaking process, people gain a better understanding of the world and how they should interact with other people.

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A work of fiction implies the inventive act of constructing an imaginary worldso its audience does not typically expect it to be totally faithful to the real world in gta 5 nude mods only characters who are actual people or descriptions that are factually true.

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Moreover, we can allow ourselves to sympathize strongly with a character of a fictional story, because we do not have obligations towards the characters of wwe diva nude pictures fictional story, while sad reports in a newspaper may cause feelings of obligation towards the victims to help them.