autumn riley picture so note that if you're in an official relationship, it is definitely not okay to end things this way—not that it's ever really okay, in my opinion!">

When a guy youre dating just stops talking to you. Know when to walk away.

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I was tling to this guy for about a month or so and broke up wif him cuz wht I was told.

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Getting to know him better is one thing.

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I have not talked to him since Friday night and I will not be calling him at all whatsoever.

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Good for you!

You are a pathetic male role model….

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If a guy is interested in

Your right, why am I chasing him?

So if he's putting in zero effort and has simply dropped off the face of the earth, don't go on texting him.

After that, we checked on each other but then suddenly he seems too busy and no longer chats -- just a few words of communication.